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By aligning with McKesson, our membership gains the breadth and depth of service that comes with experience, established relationships and knowledge of the neurology market.

Benefits to NeuroNet GPO Members

Specialty Pharmaceuticals

One of the largest providers of specialty distributions services to neurology practices, McKesson Specialty Health work closely with customers to improve purchasing efficiency, enhance productivity, and support patient care. We bring to market innovative therapies for multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and other neurological conditions. Our relationship goes beyond drug distribution to provide support services, including patient education materials, product updates, product support services and reimbursement information.


Medical Supplies and Equipment

McKesson Medical-Surgical delivers a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions through an extensive national distribution network focused on servicing neurology practices. McKesson Medical-Surgical carries more than 200,000 medical-surgical products in every major product category plus industry-leading technology, business and clinical solutions, and educational and regulatory training.

Infusion Management Services

For specialists looking to open or support to optimize their infusion suites, McKesson offers everything from consulting services to turnkey infusion management services. The infusion management model provides everything you need to start and maintain an infusion center, including providing clinical staff, billing and collections services, and patient support. Our management services are designed to let physicians focus on practicing medicine while our highly experienced staff manages every aspect of the infusion suite.

In-office Pharmacy Dispensing

Improve overall patient experience and increase your practice’s revenue potential by offering in-office dispensing at your site of care. With McKesson’s in-office dispensing program for neurology, you have an innovative solution that provides the tools needed to efficiently dispense self-administered treatments. Not only can you effectively manage inventory, pricing and billing, you can also provide a more seamless treatment experience for your patients.


  • Improve patient care with expert clinical support, putting you in control of the treatment process
  • Capture all potential revenue in your practice with financial management tools that streamline workflow and give you more time to focus on patient care
  • Superior clinical resources to support your entire program, including expert pharmacist and technician support, medication therapy management tools and therapy-specific patient treatment information
  • Industry-leading technology suite that integrates Lynx Mobile® practice management, Pharmaserv™ prescription processing and claims adjudication, and AccessHealth managed care services for easy administration of patients’ pharmacy benefits

Practice Advisory Services

In a changing healthcare landscape, maintaining or increasing revenue while providing high-quality care can be a challenge. McKesson’s Innovative Practice Services is here to help. With extensive experience in community-based practices, Innovative Practice Services is a team of professional advisors focused on the core business processes and functions that drive strong financial and operational performance.

Areas of expertise:

  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Managed Care and Value-based Reimbursement
  • MIPS/MACRA Preparedness
  • Billing and Coding Audits


Specialty Pharmaceutical Inventory Management

Lynx Mobile® is McKesson’s customizable, web-based inventory management system designed to help your practice optimize infusion room drug inventory, capture and bill for all drug charges and waste, and provide accurate and maximized reimbursement.

Unique features of Lynx Mobile:

  • Charge Capture – Capture all necessary drug and procedure charges for proper reimbursement.
  • Automated Inventory Management – Know what drugs you have on hand and what you will need to treat your patients in the days ahead.
  • Practice Intelligence Reports – Improve your control of inventory and costs by accessing data on billing history, drug utilization and reimbursement trends.
  • Connectivity – Lynx Mobile seamlessly interfaces with your existing Practice Management System (PMS), Electronic Health Record (EHR) and TotalViewSM Generation 2.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – Our 100% web-based SaaS platform provides secure access to your data.


Revenue Cycle Management Insights

TotalView is McKesson’s revenue cycle management insights technology that provides neurology practices greater understanding of claims and remittance data while streamlining billing procedures through simple, graphically-based reports. Providing valuable insights into financial performance and productivity, practices are able to spot trends, maximize reimbursement and decrease denials.

Unique features include:

  • Electronic Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) – The EOB search and retrieval function significantly reduces time otherwise spent searching files
  • Utilization of Claims and Remittance Data – TotalView captures claim and remittance data (837s & 835s), creating useful and comprehensive reports for viewing reimbursement, denial and benchmarking data
  • Non-Crossover Claims – Easily identify and submit claims that did not “cross-over” to a secondary payer and help your patients take full advantage of all available coverage
  • Comprehensive Reporting – Identify denials and compare your contracted rates with actual reimbursement rates
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – Access your data in a web-based and secure manner without cumbersome and costly hardware upgrades
  • PQRS Reporting – Auto-upload your practice’s data and monitor compliance to avoid penalties