Advancing the Practice of Neurology

NeuroNet GPO is a pioneering group purchasing organization dedicated to supporting the vibrancy and long-term viability of neurology practices. Today, neurologists face unprecedented practice pressures as they navigate an increasingly complex financial, operating and regulatory environment. Our specialty is seeing innovations in therapies and care delivery models, yet many practices are having difficulty realizing the full benefits for their patients and the community.

NeuroNet GPO is here to help. Founded by neurology practice leaders, NeuroNet brings neurology-specific practice management expertise and partnerships to support member clinics. We are harnessing the collective power of our community to gain access to therapies, competitively priced pharmaceuticals and supplies, and services to improve financial and operating performance. Among the services NeuroNet members gain access to are:

Join NeuroNet GPO to begin realizing the benefits for your patients and your practices.